Natasha Vranic | Founder
Tash $$$ aka Natasha Vranic is a hairdresser extraordinaire, co-founder of Craft Salon, and proud owner of the 10 (hopefully) coolest fingernails you’ll ever see. After nine years behind the chair, and educating with Paul Mitchell, she has finally made her dream a reality and co-founded a salon that reflects her standard in the industry. Seriously gifted, with an eye for the strange and unusual, Natasha is particularly skillful with upstyles with a vintage flair, dynamic/bright hair color, balayage, short pixie cuts and personalized haircutting. The only thing that can outshine Natasha’s talent is her personality, because you will always leave her chair as her friend. Where is Natasha outside of the salon? Traveling the country, having adventures with friends and singing songs to her little black cat Lucipurr.

Sarah Worden | Founder
Sarah Worden, or as we like to call her, Sparkle. If you've ever met Sarah, you know exactly what we mean. Co-founder/Muse/Stylist. Have you been searching for someone to truly listen to your hair goals, coach you and receive the most precise haircut of your life? Look no further, this collector of priceless porch articles, doubles as a mentor to up and coming stylists and strives to make education her top priority. Sarah has been behind the chair for over a decade, and be rest assured when you sit down with her, you're gonna leave with the biggest smile. Sarah dominates in the color department, especially with balayage techniques, redheads, and platinums. In her free time Sarah loves to hang out with her Pomeranians, Moose and Darby, have relaxing nights at home (maybe there's some wine nearby) with her husband Scott, and plot ways to make Craft better than it already is.
Brit Smith | Senior Stylist
Have you ever wondered who can actually keep an orchid alive? It’s B Smith, Martha Stewart’s long lost daughter... Brittney began her career of hair design at Paul Mitchell the School Michigan, where she graduated in 2010, and she is also certified in Di Biase fusion hair extensions . So if you just want a little fullness, or you’re ready for full-on mermaid locks, Brit would love to create the custom hair of your dreams. Men's cuts and curly hair are her specializations as well.

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Trish Bayalis | Senior Stylist
Two truths and a lie: Trish was born in Hawaii, raised in a funeral home, and she owns a dire wolf. Oops, those are actually all true. She has been working behind the chair since her graduation from Paul Mitchell the School in 2013. Trish is a multitasker in the salon, and can help your eyebrow situation, cut a mean fade, do your makeup for a night on the town.
Jessica Pudelek | Stylist
Jessica, aka, Ghost, is our resident makeup guru and candy enthusiast. She graduated from Douglas J Aveda Institute in 2015, has taken courses at the Michigan Makeup Academy, Miss Rockabilly Ruby’s and is a certified MAC makeup artist. Jessica loves to get her hands in any kind of style, up or down and can get super creative with vivid fantasy color. Think you're absolutely dreadful at makeup? She can teach you some super fancy makeup tips in real life or on her instagram.

Liz Novak | Stylist
Liz Novak is a graduate of Paul Mitchell the School Michigan, and a previous freelance artist. If there was an award for someone who has a way with making everyone feel AND look like a million bucks, this gal would win every time. She shines bright like a diamond in styling, fantasy unicorn colors and full-on bleach outs. If you're looking for someone to chat about dogs or the latest Netflix phenomenon with, it's definitely her.

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Ciara Sikes | Stylist
Meet Ciara, or Young C, who has used her experiences since she started in the industry at Douglas J Aveda Institute both behind the chair and on location to create beautiful hair. Ciara comes to the salon fired up to shape your caterpillar eyebrows into graceful arches, attain the perfect shade of blonde, and she’s keen on men’s haircutting too. Her strong work ethic and constant desire to improve her skills makes her right at home at Craft Salon. When she’s not brush setting a sexy blowout, you can find her doing endless squats at the gym.

Veronica Nowak | Stylist
Veronica Nowak aka Ronnie. She always knew she wanted to be a hairdresser and started her education when she was a junior in high school, and impresses everyone daily with her innovation and creative approach to every aspect of hair color. Ronnie is very passionate as well about continuing her hair education, including taking balayage classes by Ashely Norman and Lisa Loves Balayage. Ronnie’s love of color creating comes from her love of drawing and painting, so it's no surprise she also offers henna services at the salon.
Paula Demitria | Junior Stylist
Being licensed since 2016 from Paul Mitchell the school, Paula finds inspiration on every corner. She has a passion for hearing your stories whether it’s cat related, or about the best pizza you’ve ever had. She has a keen eye for vivids and any form of hair painting in general, and a sharp ability to give you your dreamiest, craziest hair fantasies. Paula is always ready and excited to make you the best version of YOU.

Carol | Junior Stylist
Meet Carol or as some like to call her Carol Ann. Behind the chair, Carol specializes in Shags, Lived in Blondes + Brunettes, and Wedding + Event Styling. Carol is someone you meet and within five minutes you feel as though you've been friends with for years! Not only is Carol an amazing and kind listener, she is also extremely professional at lawn games and will be the best cornhole coach you’ve ever had.